Hercules silver chain
Hercules silver chain
Hercules silver chain

Hercules silver chain

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  • solid sterling silver chain
  • material: sterling silver (925)
  • Thickness 5.8mm
  • Weight per in 1.3gr approximately  
  • Photos only illustrates what combinations you can make using this type of chain  
  • 24in (60cm)


Disclaimer: this is a handmade item, imperfections are common, it can vary a little from each other in form and shape. Be sure of your size when buying rings and chains. Read your warranty certificate that comes with your purchase to understand how to care for your jewelry. BE SURE TO CHECK THE CHAIN SIZE BEFORE BUYING.

Black spots on silver are generally caused by the silver reacting with sulfur. Silver Sulfide is black as are many of the other sulfides. don't allow your pieces to be in contact with any sulfur product or it may cause permanent damage.